The Brain – Part II

July 6.

“Hello. I am Dr. R. I am the chief here. What is your name?”.

I could not believe my ears. Darn, I didn’t even know, I had ears.

“I am A.”, I said in a shrill voice.

Now I couldn’t believe my tongue.

“Mr A, how do you feel now?” asked Dr. R.

“I thought I was deaf and mute, but it seems I am not. I am still blind though.”

“We will soon fix that.” replied R.

August 3.

I have been quite busy these days. I have found out about the crash, the Daylight’s crew and where I am lying right now.

It seems, I did survive the crash, but just about. The rest of the crew though were plain unlucky. The unit in SD12 where we crashed, whisked me away to the nearest hospital and I had been in a coma for a couple of months.

But all is not bad, the chief says, I will be able to see in about a month. So, I have something to look forward to (literally), but in the meantime I am reduced to lie here and listen.

The first thing I noticed was that there was a beep every now and then. The warden told me that it was a clock which beeped every hour. Occassionally, I would hear a door opening somewhere, people talking, a faint din of computers and sometimes a laugh. The wierd thing was how the chief talked to me. He would come into the room followed by a group of people at about the tenth beep of the day, which I calculated to be around 3 PM. He would then ask questions, as if they were addressed to a baby, pausing after each word and repeating the whole question in case of a mistake. While we talked, the group listened on, recording the conversation, I guess.

December 12.

The chief came in early today, at the 6th beep to be exact. And he came in alone. I had got to know him quite well and of late he had dropped his wierd accent and started talking to me normally. Today, he had an excited air about him.

“You seem to be stirred today, chief”, I asked.

“Yup.”, he replied.

“Well, what it is about?”

“How would you like to have a pair of eyes, A?”

“I would very much like them”, I said excitedly.

“Then I will give it to you. Tomorrow.” he said and walked away.

December 14.

“Open your eyes.” The chief said.

I obeyed and tried to open. Initially, the light in the room seemed to burn my eyes, but I persisted and in time found a blurry image of the room before me. I tried moving my eyes all around and found the chief and his assistants eagerly gaping at me. I tried looking at the my constant companion, the beeping clock, but it was out of my range.

“Everything is blurred and I cannot move my head.” I said.

“It will improve”, replied the chief.

 December 18.

As my vision got clearer, I began taking in the room and its contents. It was drenched with little blinking lights made by all the computers. I couldn’t see my body, because of the angle I was lying in, but I could see a large part of the cieling.

The room was completely sealed, which meant there was no natural light. The ceiling was made up of a lot of lamps. I knew about these huge lamps, they were shiny when turned off but when switched on gave a flourascent glow which was pleasant to the eye.

That gave me an idea. If you switched off the lamp closest and directly ahead of me and leave the other lamps on, I could look at the whole room reflected on the lamp, and thus my beeping clock. It was a tempting thought, and I stuck to it.

December 19.

At exactly the third beep of the day, S, the chief’s assistant came in to check me up. S was a good man and a friend of mine. I had talked to him one day, quite suddenly, and he was startled a good deal. But later, he got used to me and we had become quite good friends.

But, today I was silent when he took my readings. About an hour later, when he was turning to leave, I called to him.

“S, How are you?”

“I am good. How are you doing yourself?.”

“Great. S, can you turn off the lamp over there, in front of me. They are hurting my eyes.”

“Sure. See you later.”

I waited impatiently for S to switch off the light. When he did, I saw the part of the room behind me clearly reflected in the lamp. I frantically searched for my beeping clock but could not find it. I had myself heard it three times since this morning, so it had to be somewhere behind me.

Just about then, the clock beeped again and I moved my eyes frantically trying to locate it. I found it at last.

It wasn’t a clock at all !!! I mean, why would a clock be so huge, with so many wires going into it and coming out of it.

“Oh..”, I said to myself,”that is a computer.”

“Then where are those wires going.”

I carefully followed path of the wires. They connected to other computers and the wires coming out of all the computers were connected to a black box.

That is when I saw myself.

I was numb.

I saw myself floating there, in a glass box. Millions of wires coming out of my brainstem. I closed my cameras and squeezed them.


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