The Brain – Part I

June 8. Re-entry
I was in the deepest state of sleep, you can imagine. I could not say how long I had been asleep. Five days, maybe a week. I am very strong person, of course otherwise how do you explain my survival. But I am very weak now, I cannot feel my body or see anything.
I might be in a coma, but wait, can comatose think?.

Let me try to remember how I got here. Ah, yes, the crash, of course.

March 10. The Crash.
The day was ordinary, what I mean by day is of course the 12 hours between 6 and 6. Thats how we marked day. Not by sunlight, we did not have that luxury aboard the Daylight. How ironic, no daylight aboard the Daylight. We had reached a point where the sun became but a small blip on the navigation panel, and invisible if you peeked out of your portal window.

“Report at +07 01 12 March 10 2054.
 Mean distance = 2054 AUs from Sun and 1542 AUs from SD12.
 Computing data for LS jump. Estimated computation time 6 hours.
 Critcality attainment at +13 50 00.
 Next LS jump at +14 00 00.”

said the ship’s computer as I read it out aloud. After another jump we should be close to SD12 and then would be time to wake up the crew from their sleep.

March 10 +13 50 00.
The ship wizzed and suddenly felt alive. No matter how many times I had experienced this, it never failed to give me the thrills. It was preparing for another jump.

“Current co-ordinates 09139764301244977321500″
 Destination co-ordiantes 1206647896355214556877
 Error percentage 1E-96 +/- 1E-102”
I looked at the screen, smiled at the chances of error. I closed my eyes. There was a zip.
When I opened them, the smile vanished. Where was SD12? A second later, the planet came out suddenly in my view, and ground was approaching fast. I was numb at the sight. “This cannot be” I said to myself. The last few things I heard were the bellow of the ships fins trying to slow down the descent and the bang that came in the end.

June 20.
It is horrible to lie on a bed when you can think, but cannot see, hear or talk. You tend to believe that the world is a black box with you trapped inside, nowhere to go because, awkwardly there is no place to go. You think about things until you exhaust everything there is to think about. You wait with bated breath, to hear the most faintest sound not your own.
But I haven’t heard so much as a whisper.

June 24

June 25.

June 26.
Silence. I think I am dead.

June 27
A whir. I am not dead.

July 1.

July 3.
More noise. Unbearable noise, I wish I could go back to silence.

July 4.

..To Be Continued..


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