A short conv.

Hi, Welcome to my page. Here is a short conv. I conjured. What do you think about it??

Guest: How kind of you to let me come.

Host: It was nothing.

G: I really must thank you.

H: You musn’t.

G: Yes. Thanks indeed.

H: My pleasure.

G: I mean, I am awfully obliged.

H: But, I thought you liked it.

G: No. I don’t mean it was awful of you !!

H: That is a relief.

G: Though, I do admit, I am a trifle uneasy.

H: What can I do to ease you?

G: That man over there hasn’t stopped ogling at me since I arrived.

H: That’s my husband!!

G: I feel like a mannequin in a bazaar.

H: He is not looking at you.

G: oh, why did you invite me here you dim nitwit.

H: What?!!

G: Really it was cruel of you to let me come.

H: Shall I lead you to the door.


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